Bible study info - (Atlanta)

Posted on: 11/22/17


Bible study sites and one TV channel: Dish Network channel 256 = Shepherds Chapel (On the internet, (you-tube and Roku also), highly recommended). [This article gives us tips on how to and how not to study the Bible] [all of the old and new testament with study notes] (Bible study with explanation notes)www.americanwisdomseries.com [Plan of God, a little lengthy, but very informative] [true meaning of pertinent words] [Green's Interlinear Bible online = Hebrew and Greek manuscripts by book, chapter and verse with english translation of each word; Remember, Hebrew is written right to left.] Individual topics explained: [two houses of Israel and Judah explained]. Evolution? Some very interesting and humorous commentaries below. Recommended Bible study tools: Strong's Exhaustive Concordance (basically a Bible dictionary of the original languages, online version also, easy to use, tied to the KJV Bible) Companion Bible by E.W. Bullinger Smiths Bible dictionary Green's Interlinear Bible There are many tools available today to help you study the Bible with more understanding than ever! You'll be truly amazed at the discoveries you'll make. I look forward to your reply.

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