Coffee shop in Marietta // cleo coffee shop - (Atlanta)

Posted on: 04/19/17


Coffee in Marietta Coffeeinmariet Marietta coffee Cleo coffee shop Cleo Coffee Shop in Marietta Square, Georgia is a place where you find the genuine taste of coffee and mixed herbs tea. Our coffee is exceptional and the tea is made of natural healthy herbal ingredients that will taste good while promoting a healthy living. It brings a soothing moment of relaxation. ? Our coffee beans are roasted using a mastered art of crafting to the best taste, from different origins such as Brazil, Columbia, and Ethiopia. ? Utilizing our experience in the industry of Coffee and tea, we are not only competitive in the high quality; our prices are hard-to-beat as well. ? Our mission is to work very hard to create a distinctive place where our customers are able to socialize in a relaxing and comfortable environment while enjoying the best brewed coffee or espresso in town as well as mixed herb tea that comes in 19 different flavors. Cleo Coffee Shop is the right remedy to everyday stress; this is accomplished by providing the best and most friendly costumer service. Located right off the square with almost 50 parking spaces gives costumers piece of mind and comfortable ambiance. ? So why wait..... come and live the blend of different ages and civilizations of ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Nabataeans while enjoying our inimitable coffee or tea!!!!!

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