Combat Aikido Class - (Atlanta)

Posted on: 12/17/17


Aikido has undergone many splits and interpretations since it was created. Aikido is a complete art with methods of generating internal power, general fitness and meditation. However, Aikido is first and foremost a martial art. You should be confident you can apply Aikido as an effective method of self defense that is ethical and legal. We teach technical Aikido focused on skill development and practical application. We welcome new students with a good attitude and a positive work ethic. Here are a few things the potential student should consider: 1) We train outside in an open environment. 2) We train in street (workout) clothes without mats. 3) As in all Aikido practice the student takes many falls, and for new students (regardless of past experience) the majority of practice will be breakfalls and rolls. 4) We practice pure Aikido in a respectful traditional environment focused on self defense. Aikido is a principle based method for developing skill, which requires dedication and an investment of time. Lazy, short term or uncommitted students, curiosity seekers, wannabe Steven Seagals and technique collectors not welcome.

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