Siu Lum Kenpo Group - (Atlanta)

Posted on: 11/15/17


Siu Lum Kenpo teaches rare Chinese fighting skills and integrates modern training methods. Siu Lum Kenpo is a method for mature, intelligent adults to explore their creativity and engage in a fitness activity that will benefit them their entire lives. Create a focused mind in a sound body with a calm spirit. We don`t train for tournaments or sport events. We practice ancient fist methods and modern combatives. You don`t have to be an athlete, our system is for normal people to improve their health and increase happiness.Holistic Health - Functional Fitness - Philosophical Personal Protection - Men and Women of all agesPractical Martial Arts - Meditation - YogaEthical and Legal Self Defense - Combat Kickboxing - Combat GrapplingCOME LEARN THIS EXTRAORDINARY MARTIAL ART In your introduction include contact information to learn more about our group. Learn from a 7th degree Master Instructor of the Art. ADULTS ONLY.

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