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Posted on: 04/25/11


Chimney Mischief - The Atlanta Chimney Sweep Experts When you think of an Atlanta chimney sweep, you probably imagine a person who is covered from head to toe in soot. While the job of chimney sweep still exists, it has not quite retained the same image as it used to. The profession has evolved with the times, using the advancement of technology to help keep chimneys clean. While you may not hear of chimney sweeps as frequently as you used to, they are still the most reliable source when it comes to properly cleaning and caring for your fireplace. If you are looking for chimney sweeps Atlanta, there has always been one consistent choice when it comes to dependable service. Chimney Mischief has been servicing customers in the metro Atlanta area since 1977. There is no better choice for a chimney sweep in Atlanta because of the fact that they have over 30 years of experience when it comes to cleaning and caring for chimneys. Chimney Mischief does more than clean your chimney for you, offering a wide range of services such as firebox repair, safety inspections, installing chimney caps and dampers, and even working with English coals. With their expansive knowledge and friendly service, there is no surprise as to why they are some of the best chimney sweeps Atlanta has. What makes Chimney Mischief different from other chimney cleaners Atlanta is the fact that they take the time to inform customers of what is needed and how it is accomplished. Instead of simply coming in, doing the job, and leaving, they take the time to let the customer know what needs to be done and the best way to achieve that goal. This philosophy has kept them at the top of the list when it comes to chimney sweeps in Atlanta GA. Unlike other companies that follow a business model for how each home should be, Chimney Mischief takes time to learn about your specific home while keeping safety guidelines in mind. This lets the customer get exactly what they are looking for while keeping their home safe. Other chimney cleaners in Atlanta will overwhelm you with guidelines and rules to scare you into getting services you do not need, but Chimney Mischief understands that a friendly approach is much more efficient. There are also occasions where customers may not have used their fireplace for a long time because they are worried that it will cause damage to their home. Since Chimney Mischief knows the building guidelines, they will be able to examine the home and decide whether the customer needs to have repairs done before using the fireplace. There are very few chimney sweeps in Atlanta that offer this type of variety with their services. Chimney Mischief also offers competitive pricing when compared to other chimney cleaners in Atlanta. This competitive pricing is a great advantage for customers since they get the great service along with low pricing, which is something other sweeps simply cannot do. While Chimney Mischief primarily focuses on all fireplaces, they are knowledgeable about any fireplace that you may have in your home. They service locations outside of Atlanta as well, making them the best chimney sweeps Atlanta has to offer. The next time you are searching for chimney cleaners Atlanta, make sure you give Chimney Mischief a call or visit their website to see what other services they offer. Chimney Mischief 2064 Briarcliff Rd NE #109 Atlanta, GA 30329 (404) 377-1254 ‎

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