We Specialize In Move In & Move Out Cleaning - (Atlanta)

Posted on: 12/22/17


Moving-in, or Moving-out, and don't have time to clean ? Call us we specialize in move-in & move-out cleaning we have a special trained crew that does all of our move -in ,move-out cleanings in Atlanta Ga. Sale or Rent your home or property fast let your buyers or rental walk into a fresh scent clean empty home. Don't Let your land lord keep your deposit let us clean your house,apartment,condo,townhouse etc up for you. And help you get your deposit back. What we will do Move-in & Move out for all kitchens Sink clean and sanitized Clean window sills Baseboards dusted and wiped down Clean refrigerator inside and outside Clean oven Inside and outside Sinks cleaned and sanitized All chrome shined Counter-tops and back-splash cleaned and sanitized Clean inside and outside cabinets and drawers All Floors damped mopped Remove all Cobwebs Move-in & Move-out cleaning for all Bathrooms All toilets and bathtubs cleaned and disinfected Clean all window sills Baseboards dusted and wiped down Mirrors cleaned and shined Sinks and counter-tops cleaned and sanitized Floors damp mop and disinfected Shine all chrome Clean inside/outside all cabinets and drawers All cobwebs removed Move-in & Move out cleaning for all Rooms All Carpets vacuumed Clean all window sills Wiped down baseboards Wood & Tile floors damped mop All Stairs vacuumed Lightly dusting of ceiling fans All cobwebs removed We Clean Foreclosure Properties, Real Estate Apartment turnkey, Residential - Move-In & Move-out Commercial properties,Move-in & Move-out Investment properties. We help rentals get there deposit back. We help home owners prepare there home to sale or rent. We help home owners or condo owners, investors make ready there home for new tenants. A lot of our real estate agents gives there new home owners the gift of a clean home. Do you have a office or warehouse that needs cleaning before you move in or out, we also clean those . ***Please make sure the property is completely Empty. No trash on the floors. (If we get there and there is stuff in the house, we will charge extra depending on what needs to be done.) If your oven has the self clean option, if possible please turn it on the day or night before cleaning, or spray oven the day or night before cleaning if possible. If possible please unplug the refrigerator the day or night before cleaning. http://www.completelycleanhomes.net/

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